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  1. Løula

    Løula17 hours ago

    Best Update Ever with Octo Expansion 😍😍

  2. Hyper Hoopa

    Hyper Hoopa17 hours ago

    That was fun! I wish I got to play this game! Lol

  3. Dropkick Nation

    Dropkick Nation17 hours ago

    Just when you thought that Krystal might win for once. Of course not. LOL

  4. Vah Medoh

    Vah Medoh17 hours ago

    HEY! Kids. Play this. Dont play botw. By Medoh

  5. Indys Aquarium

    Indys Aquarium17 hours ago

    I want jingle 🥰😍

  6. Damien

    Damien17 hours ago

    im here for the dislike

  7. Wiggy Tiggy

    Wiggy Tiggy17 hours ago


  8. TheN0odles

    TheN0odles17 hours ago

    These videos are awful.

  9. Fidelyn's ACNH & Gaming World!

    Fidelyn's ACNH & Gaming World!17 hours ago

    Krysta: “I’m going to stand behind this tree and change into my costume.” I guess there’s no privacy on the island.

  10. Jonathan O'Donnell

    Jonathan O'Donnell17 hours ago

    It may take forever to load but this song is epic

  11. Dragon Nation

    Dragon Nation17 hours ago

    Did it really need a sequel though?

  12. Joey H

    Joey H18 hours ago

    9:55 now you can pet the dog confirmed

  13. Burak Alparslan Kaya

    Burak Alparslan Kaya18 hours ago

    USlikes keeps recommending Marşo Tenis Aces character videos and I don't know why but granted I do keep watching them

  14. HeyItsNate ._.

    HeyItsNate ._.18 hours ago

    Hey welcome back! Can I get you something?

  15. zllky

    zllky18 hours ago

    2026 anyone?

  16. Cococrash11

    Cococrash1118 hours ago

    Awesome Nintendo Shopping Spree CHALLENGE! Video.

  17. _skatermane_

    _skatermane_18 hours ago

    How about supporting your actual fanbases

  18. Finley Ray Hadlow

    Finley Ray Hadlow18 hours ago

    I got all 3 correct!!!

  19. Lex

    Lex18 hours ago

    To be fair, they said it was a "new story set 100 years before BOTW" and we did get that. So *shrug*

  20. Bernus Botha

    Bernus Botha18 hours ago

    What a wholesome shameless way to advertise using charity.

  21. ThaCataBoi The Furret

    ThaCataBoi The Furret18 hours ago

    I love looking at this months later after I’ve beaten the game.

  22. Wagner Ramos

    Wagner Ramos18 hours ago

    Rodada 1, Fácil: Pikmin 3 Deluxe Rodada 2, Médio: Super Mario 3D All-Stars Rodada 3, Difícil: Super Mario Odyssey Rodada 4, Mais difícil e quase impossível: Donkey Kong (1981)

  23. Final starman

    Final starman18 hours ago


  24. firzy noor

    firzy noor18 hours ago

    Note to myself: after 11 years i will come to this video and find my comment

  25. I. futyin

    I. futyin18 hours ago



    KETCHUP18 hours ago

  27. nicole villanueva

    nicole villanueva18 hours ago

    i would get 6 switch lites ,4 original switch, 8 joy cons ,9 game cube controllers, 14 games, and 3 ring fit adventures for charity. or as many i can carry of that stuff if i can't hold all of it i'm just a kid

  28. ductless_octagon

    ductless_octagon18 hours ago

    The guy who plays the bongos is a vibe

  29. Garden Weed

    Garden Weed18 hours ago

    Why would you make this limited? I didn’t even realize until just now, glad I got a physical copy of the game. Think of all the people that would like to revisit their childhood and play 64... cough cough... and I guess the other games too. So happy with this game I loved 64 when I was 7 and 8, glad I got to play it again.

  30. axxnecrolyte

    axxnecrolyte18 hours ago


  31. Sonic,Shadow,Silver,And Luigi Plays

    Sonic,Shadow,Silver,And Luigi Plays18 hours ago

    Nintendo Minutes

  32. Darkboi the theory guy The other part of the name

    Darkboi the theory guy The other part of the name18 hours ago

    Yeah ok

  33. LegendGamerYT _

    LegendGamerYT _18 hours ago

    Who has 5 books but since the Coronavirus you can't get book 6 or 7

  34. Ozzy’s Cool Videos

    Ozzy’s Cool Videos19 hours ago

    I want Mario + rabbits Kingdom battle darkness of deception and angry birds epic 2 on the switch!!!!!!!!

  35. Mr beez

    Mr beez19 hours ago

    When is Kim Kardashian gonna play pokemon

  36. Mr beez

    Mr beez19 hours ago

    Big oof Nintendo

  37. Markus le Roux

    Markus le Roux19 hours ago

    Who are these videos... for?

  38. Snap

    Snap19 hours ago


  39. rungratree1

    rungratree119 hours ago

    Where can I find the music for the trailer? It’s fire

  40. Literalicity.

    Literalicity.19 hours ago

    "what will you do?" *change gender* _Now I legally cannot be attacked!_

  41. Zachary Alejandro

    Zachary Alejandro19 hours ago

    7:25 - Kit's legs are 🔥

  42. ArchesBro

    ArchesBro19 hours ago

    That fill in the blank was waay too hard. If given a category like "exercise" would have made it doable. Also I think ring fit is a tad more popular in Japan. That case looks pretty ideal, I might need to get that or similar style

  43. MavericK -

    MavericK -19 hours ago

    Its not that hard

  44. Its Random

    Its Random19 hours ago

    PS And xbox does hardly anything different Nintendo:

  45. SarcasticEverything

    SarcasticEverything19 hours ago

    Zelda: oh no! Ganon is breaking free from his seal! Ganon: yeah, jk, maybe in a few more years

  46. Malikai's Low Quality Video game Asmr

    Malikai's Low Quality Video game Asmr19 hours ago

    6:32 Somebody put a bass boost when he stubs his toe pls 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Vipex -SanAndreas

    Vipex -SanAndreas19 hours ago

    Switch has rogue company but 30 fps gameplay wtf

  48. OofMoment420

    OofMoment42019 hours ago

    I’d be more than happy to buy an SMO sequel

  49. Zachary Alejandro

    Zachary Alejandro19 hours ago

    Krysta, please lower your voice when shouting, my ears keep ringing

  50. スプラ大好き

    スプラ大好き19 hours ago


  51. Makaronito

    Makaronito19 hours ago

    I just puked in my mouth, please Nintendon’t !

  52. Gael's Show - Una persona con autismo

    Gael's Show - Una persona con autismo19 hours ago

    1:44 sounds like SpongeBob theme

  53. Brian Lagos

    Brian Lagos19 hours ago

    This is a lie. There's NOTHING available there. Imagine having a Nintendo Store AND NOT HAVING A NINTENDO SWITCH!

  54. Makaronito

    Makaronito19 hours ago

    Is this commercial a personal attack or something ??

  55. Ball of Grime

    Ball of Grime19 hours ago

    I can't seem to find F-Zero GX for the Switch on your website. Is there anything you can do about that?

  56. Makaronito

    Makaronito19 hours ago

    Where is Danny De Vito? Who are these people ?

  57. Mc kid

    Mc kid19 hours ago

    *This game reminds me of my dead dogs*

  58. hankatron3000

    hankatron300019 hours ago

    confession: i simp for botw zelda

  59. Raboot Rebellious

    Raboot Rebellious19 hours ago

    A hint for Pokémon diamond and pearl remakes? Game freak: the answer is: yes.

  60. Kyle Archung

    Kyle Archung19 hours ago

    I need that bowser pillow in the thumbnail

  61. Odette Popko

    Odette Popko19 hours ago

    There will NEVER be another game as insanely beautiful and vast and amazing as BOTW. Unless ofcourse you guys make another Zelda Game. <3 YEs Please

  62. Odette Popko

    Odette Popko19 hours ago


  63. ParanoidAndroid

    ParanoidAndroid19 hours ago

    f.r.e.e. .m.e.l.e.e.

  64. Kevin Vu

    Kevin Vu19 hours ago

    Heres the thing Nintendo I found physical copies at my best buy so I'm not sure if they are the real deal since there were only 2 copies did this game come out earlier than expected

  65. PikaDynamite

    PikaDynamite19 hours ago

    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury And Knuckles

  66. Nezt Doodle

    Nezt Doodle20 hours ago

    They never seem to get a break, do they?

  67. Devlind

    Devlind20 hours ago

    USlikes: *Recommends this out of nowhere* Me: Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

  68. Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of Rivia20 hours ago

    Why is every comment about this not being switch graphics? This is just the trailer. The trailer always looks better than the game.

  69. omega legend

    omega legend20 hours ago

    I must be patient😔

  70. Grande Thingz

    Grande Thingz20 hours ago

    that means ive been trying to get a switch for 4 years im mad🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  71. Ben R Tist

    Ben R Tist20 hours ago

    Back in 2011 I never finished mine because I worried it wouldn't be good enough. Mine years later I wish I finsiehd it...